Repair of gas-filling stations

All companies, which have fuel dispensing equipment, face the equipment’s repair. This may have different causes, ranging from wearing out of working nodes to replacement of consumables and even intentional damage.

Our company has a large warehouse of equipment and consumables for fuel stations, namely:

  • Counters PPO40, PPO25, device for signal detection USS VZHU100;
  • Pistols for the distribution of fuel, automatic and mechanical;
  • Fuel filters, coarse and fine cleaning;
  • Fuel hoses of different diameters;
  • Gaskets and muffs, belts for domestic and foreign fuel-dispensing units.

So we always have the ability to respond quickly to customer application and deliver the goods to the day.

We also have a large staff of qualified service engineers, which always have the opportunity to go to you on the site and to make a repair/service work.