Reconstruction of the FFS

In case there is an outdated filling station installed at your enterprise, or whether it is completely inoperable, or even worse, it is constructed in noncompliance with the technical standards.

The Integrated Agrarian Systems Ltd. has a long-term experience in the construction and upgrading of the FFSs. The individual approach towards each client, using solely the world-renowned materials allows achieving the highest quality of the accomplished project.

Our highly qualified specialists may perform the following works as for FFS upgrading:

  • FFS area remodelling;
  • Replacement of fuel dispensers and piping;
  • Replacement of reservoirs;
  • Fuel cisterns cleaning and flaw detection;
  • Installation of gas recovery systems;
  • Installation of filters and separators of liquid petroleum products;
  • Construction and reconstruction of the FFS canopies and premises.

The reconstruction of the FFS will allow an enterprise to extend the service life of the processing equipment and raise the efficacy of using the fuelling equipment.