Motor transport monitoring

The GPS motor transport monitoring is a modern remote control system, the main objective of which is the precise detection of the motor vehicle’s location. Owing to its high functionality, such system enables to track the vehicle’s speed and route, control the fuel rates and establish the precise identity of a driver in an easy way. Furthermore, such GPS monitoring enables to track a vehicle at any distance easily.

The additional advantage of the GPS monitoring is an opportunity to optimize the routes of motor vehicles with further redirection of the transport in relation to the road circumstances. Such opportunity enables not only to reduce the fuel consumption by more than 25% but also avoid continuous traffic jams.

The convenient and modern dispatching is an excellent alternative for the public motor vehicles. It is the GPS monitoring that enables to increase the occupancy of the bus in a convenient online mode and increase the overall efficacy and feasibility of using a vehicle at the working shift time.

According to the research, owing specifically to the use of the GPS monitoring, the operability of transport management is increased severalfold, and the passenger service is enhanced as well.

The additional advantage of the GPS monitoring is the availability of a convenient system of working hours count for each driver. Therefore, it will be easy for the drivers to calculate their salary in relation to the hours worked. Such system is also irreplaceable for the settlement of conflicts in course of the working time. Therefore, one may not only settle any conflict encountered by a driver at work but also preclude the use of the vehicle for personal purposes.

The new, convenient and functional GPS monitoring system enables to obtain any report in such formats as Open Office ODS, MS Excel (OLE), Open Office ODT, PDF, MS Excel (XML), XML, TEXT, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, HTML, RTF, GIF, CSV, which is very suitable for the users.