Light motor vehicles

Today, the light motor transport is one of the most popular transport vehicles. Owing to their prevalence, it is the light motor vehicles which are more exposed to unauthorized access than the others. Owing to the free access to an expensive car, many drivers frequently settle their personal matters in business time. That being said, not only may the functionality of the car itself be reduced, but also may the performance of the enterprise. Furthermore, the unlawful use of the corporate car may lead to the destabilization of the company’s brand. Today hardly anyone may be impressed with a corporate car appearing with the company’s logo nearby a popular shashlik house in business time.

In order for each driver to use the car in business time solely for the benefit of the firm, the GPS monitoring is applied.

The installation of high-technology and functional GPS monitoring extends the following opportunities to the company’s management:

  • Precise control of passing a specific route, whereby the car’s idle time and the time spent for passing the route are fixed. Therefore, one may easily track the process of using the transport vehicle;
  • The opportunity to control the fact of fuelling, defueling and use of the fuel at the working shift time;
  • Fixing the precise start and end time of the workday (ride);
  • Forming transport use reports;
  • Limiting the road trip area;
  • Prompt synchronization with such systems as 1C and others.

According to the research, with the implementation of GPS monitoring, the productivity of the transport vehicle’s operation is increased severalfold, and more expeditious solving of the tasks assigned by the management is observed. Moreover, the total fuel consumption is considerably reduced, owing specifically to the GPS monitoring. The availability of the modern monitoring system keeps the employees’ discipline and helps render your business more profitable.