Freight equipment

The economic condition of almost all companies associated with freight transportation is related to the correct solving of logistical tasks. The situation is complicated by the global deficit of oil, which inevitably leads to the increase in the oil price. The economic success may be gained by means of adjusting the operation of the lorry fleet, which may be achieved by the full control over the transport. Everything is essential: from the correct routing to the technical condition of the vehicle and driver’s qualification. Notwithstanding that, the company suffers a bulk of losses due to the theft of fuel by the drivers and lorry fleet employees and their performance of “under-the-counter” works, which results into the vehicle’s breakdown and the high-cost repair due to its overloading.

It is impossible to control the transport movement without the use of special equipment, therefore, we offer the GPS terminal and ancillary sensors installation for you.

It enables the following opportunities:

  • Tracking the transport movement, transport lay time, route passage control;
  • Movement speed control;
  • Engine hours count at the operation and idle time of the transport in the started condition, as a consequence, easy calculation of salary per output;
  • Fuel consumption control that helps prevent theft and defueling;
  • Works start and end time;
  • Formations of any complexity in a click;
  • Opportunity to install an axle-load sensor which helps prevent the carriage of extra cargo resulting into the vehicle’s breakdown and increased consumption;
  • Limiting the road trip area;
  • Capturing photos;
  • Expeditious sending of information to 1С and other CRM systems.

By receiving the full control over the transport with the GPS monitoring, you will reduce the costs for fuel and premature repair of a vehicle and save the precious time spent for freight transportation.