Control of fuel level in storage reservoirs

The measuring system AutoGRaph is designed for the continuous measurement of level, temperature, density of light fuel product, bottom water level in the storage reservoirs of petrol stations (further – filling station) and fuel tankers, for calculation of the volume and mass of light fuel product in the storage reservoirs of filling stations and bulk plants, the volume or mass of released or received batches of light fuel products in the storage reservoirs of filling stations and bulk plants.

The system implements the indirect method of static measurements of the mass of light fuel products:

  • Measuring of the level of oil, bottom water, temperature and density of fuel products in horizontal tanks;
  • Calibration interval is 2 years;
  • Calculation of the mass according to GOST 8.595-2004;
  • Weight measurement error up to 120 tons – ±0,5%;
  • Measurement error of mass of fuel product poured in the tank/reservoir according to the results of the two measurements is ±0,65%;
  • Density measurement error ±0,5 kg/m3;
  • Software for the calculation of mass, volume and density (including those with the temperature of 15 ° C) of fuel products is certified in accordance with GOST R 8.654-20099;
  • All parameters are measured by one meter;
  • Simple installation;
  • The minimum amount of cable products;
  • Minimum requirements for the design of the reservoir (to base constructions);
  • Possibility to output reports for printing;
  • Does not require additional operating costs, service life is over 12 years;
  • Possibility to detect leaks of 0.03 liters from 1000 liters per hour;
  • Fixes any deviation and change of fuel composition to the report, disconnection or connection of the probe to the console, which eliminates the poor operators work at the gas station;
  • Measurement of bottom water with further structuring of information on the availability of bottom water (level, volume), only real fuel amount appears in the report;
  • Availability of additional control sensors: intermural space, saturated vapor pressure and others. (Optional);
  • Commercial accounting of fuel products in reservoirs at gas stations at receiving of fuel products, pouring from road tankers;
  • Environmental protection:
    • Control of wells reservoirs;
    • Control of FDU pallets;
    • Height control of groundwater;
    • Control of the leaks of single-walled reservoirs with an accuracy of 0.37 L per year;
    • Control of intermural space of double-walled tanks;
    • Control of the leakage of hydrocarbons in a constant stream.