Consumables and components

The Integrated Agrarian Systems Ltd. is a company with a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists in the industry of gas stations. The company provides services for the sale of components for fuel stations from international manufacturers and also the services for reconstruction of gas stations. Thanks to the coordinated work and experience of our engineers, we achieve good results in solving the problems of any complexity that we face.

Over two hundred different companies and firms cooperate with Integrated Agrarian Systems Ltd.. Thanks to the trust of these companies over the long time, we are known as a company that is able to conduct competent pricing and never fail suppliers and customers. We have over 2000 units of various equipment and supplies for fuel stations, and equipment for service stations in our warehouse. That makes it possible to respond quickly to customer requests.

When you buy the equipment for fuel stations and bulk plants from us, you can be sure in good quality and in terms of work performance.