Circular fuel accounting

In the agribusiness, theft of fuel is possible everywhere. Fuel passes a long way: starting from the fuel delivery by the supplier and ending with its use by the transport vehicles, which results into your gaining the profit.

In order not to suffer losses, it is highly important to control fuel at all stages:

  • Fuel procurement and its further shipment to the cistern of the FFS or petrol tanker. The theft of fuel may be committed from the supplier’s cistern or at the time of fuel acceptance. That is why it is highly important to track the precise amount of the received fuel with a highly accurate fuel level sensor!
  • Fuel storage. At the FFSs and petrol tankers, which are not equipped with the monitoring, theft of fuel is committed trough either the fuelling nozzle or cistern hatch:
    • In order to preclude the theft through the nozzle, the identification system is installed, whereby the fuelling column or pump will not discharge the fuel, unless the staff is identified with a contactless key.
    • In order to track the precise level of fuel, the fuel level sensor is installed in the cistern.
    • In order to track the opening of the hatch, a special sensor is installed. At opening the hatch, the notification through the “AutoGraph” dispatching software is possible by means of email, SMS and other notification systems.
  • The fuelling of transport vehicles and units is performed only after the identification of a responsible person (driver, filling station attendant) and is precisely tracked with an electronic meter or the “PVS” signal tracking device. The supplementary evidence of the volume in litres is the fuel level sensor installed in the petrol tanker’s or FFS’s cistern.
  • For the purpose of the additional control, a digital camera is installed in petrol tankers and FFSs. The photos are attached to the fuelling report.
  • Fuel consumption. Each driver steals 10 litres of fuel in average per day. It constitutes huge losses on the enterprise’s scale! The GPS tracking system and FLS (fuel level sensor) allows monitoring the fuel thefts. It is well known that, over the years of existing of similar systems, drivers have learned to cheat them, stealing fuel through the “leak-off pipe” of the fuel system, but our innovative system with highly accurate sensor with highly accurate sensors and modern software algorithms enables to track even the defueling through the “leak-off pipe”.

Consequently, our system will help you preclude the fuel theft completely.

All steps as for the transition of fuel and its use may be exported to C and other CRM systems, and the reports may be presented in various formats such as word, excel, pdf, etc.