Water equipment

Owing to the flexibility of our GPS tracking system, it may be installed even on the water transport. Now your boat or yacht will be fully controlled at any time! The online control system of water transport will provide you with the following features:

  • Precise location;
  • Fuel consumption control with less than 1% uncertainty;
  • Route passage control;
  • Routing;
  • Notification of leaving the geo-fence;
  • Formation of reports of any complexity in a click;
  • Information reading from CAN bus;
  • Opportunity of camera connection;
  • Engine hours count;
  • Engine operation sensor;
  • Export of reports into the majority of recognized text and table formats;
  • Connection to the signalling system;
  • Transfer of information to 1C and other accounting systems.

Gain the ultimate advantage from using your vessels with the GPS tracking system and be confident that your transport strictly follows the prescribed route, keeping the schedule to the minute.