Parallel driving systems

Today the GPS-based parallel driving systems are an excellent solution for enhancing the performance of the agribusiness. Such systems specifically serve as a highly accurate and reliable assistant by which it is available to solve any manufacturing problems.

The implementation of a parallel driving system in an agricultural enterprise opens up the following opportunity:

  • To reduce the expenditure of fuel and lubrication materials, seeds, fertilizers or PPP in a significant way;
  • To work productively at night time, while retaining high productivity;
  • To save the engine hours in a significant way as well as reduce overlaps;
  • To increase the overall performance of work and provide an excellent final result within the shortest terms.

The parallel driving system’s key task is the ultimate-speed processing and production of various agricultural products. Owing specifically to the use of such high-technology equipment, the most complicated manufacturing processes frequently encountered by the manufacturers of various products are implemented within the shortest terms.

At the struggle for the primacy, the opportunity to implement a particular agricultural process within the shortest terms serves as a guarantee of bringing the plant’s performance to the advanced positions. Furthermore, such system is especially efficient at its using conjointly with the wide-coverage sets. Using the satellite navigation specifically, it is easy to ride across any rural area either in a direct or curved direction, while solving a great number of tasks.

The efficacy of such methods was proven as early as in the 90s, when the major manufacturing companies managed to bring the production to an entirely new quality level.