Diesel boilers and generators

The monitoring of stationary objects such as boilers and diesel generators is strategically important for the major enterprises as well as for the minor businesses and private entrepreneurs.

The boilers and generators operation control on the basis of the “Autograph” on-board controller provides broad opportunities as follows:

  • Monitoring in the online mode;
  • Fuel consumption control by the “Strela” fuel level sensor with the accuracy to within 1%;
  • Calculation of engine hours, it facilitates timely maintenance of the sets;
  • Notification of start, theft of fuel, overheating, etc., by email, SMS, program’s pop-up windows;
  • Opportunity to connect the temperature sensors, chassis intrusion sensor, external meters, etc;
  • Photo camera connection;
  • Prompt reporting and saving in the majority of recognized formats;
  • Instant transfer to 1С and other accounting systems.

The fuel level control in the fuel tank of the stationary objects may be implemented with the “UBC” (Universal Board Computer) and “Strela” fuel level sensor. The UBC screen enables to inform you on the precise residue of fuel in the tank.