Control of fuel distribution

If at your company, there are refueling stations or tank trucks without accounting of fuel distribution, we are ready to remedy that. Our company has rich experience in the modernization and automation of fuel dispensing equipment. Using quality domestic and foreign equipment, we connect even old fuel dispensers and tank trucks to the system of monitoring and accounting of fuel distribution.

The ATR module is designed to automate the process of fuel distribution on mobile fuel dispensing equipment or stationary objects, also it is used for identification of personnel or the customer receiving the fuel and for transmission of information to the company. It allows to fully automate the accounting and reporting of the fuel distribution in terms of drivers and cars. The system provides the possibility to assign the allowance and absolute limits for the recipients of the fuel in order to fully automate the distribution and to organize the possibility for drivers to get fuel on their own without a refuelling operator. Information on access cards and their current limits is stored on an external MicroSD card installed in the GPS/GSM terminal.

The driver identification is done via installing of magnetic card in the receiver of fuel distribution control panel. The installation of the solenoid valve for shutoff of the fuel is made the same way. This valve is controlled by the onboard controller through a control relay. During the process of fuel feed, the system tracks the volume of received fuel and in case of overlimit it blocks the distribution of fuel through the electronic valve. Further, the device transmits the information on the amount of received fuel and the recipient to the office through the channel of the mobile operator. The software for accounting of the company employees, to whom fuel cards are issued, and for obtainment of reporting on the fuel distribution, the residue in the storage reservoir, tank and movement of the tanker is installed as part of the system. The software product is used by traffic controllers and security services to prevent the theft of fuel and for automation of flow accounting.