Construction and mining machinery

The companies providing services related to the operation of mining equipment require the complete and high-quality control. The modern cranes, excavators, loaders, and such other expensive equipment applied by them are high-quality and reliable by itself, but as the time passes, the same human factor still remains, which can entail significant losses for the company. The driver’s unauthorized use for his benefit, “under-the-counter” work (it is quite beneficial for the suppliers to pay an employee, while spending a lower amount), theft of fuel, slow execution of works and similar activities consistently pull down the company’s economy. To monitor the special transport operation, the GPS tracking systems are successfully applied by which you can be sure of the correct use of special vehicles and will be able to protect yourselves against the theft of fuel and resources of your enterprise!

The installation the GPS terminal and additional sensors provides broad opportunities as follows:

  • Complete machinery movement control;
  • Transfer of information on fuel consumption, fuel filling stations and defueling;
  • Engine hours count at the machinery movement and idle time in the operating condition;
  • Opportunity of driver’s identification;
  • Limitation of the road trip area;
  • Control points passage observation;
  • Opportunity of operating cycles count;
  • Data exchange with 1С and other accounting systems;
  • Formation of reports of any complexity with the following export into a great number of formats.

The installation of the tracking system will help prevent the theft of fuel, enables to monitor the transport operation remotely, to speed up the performance of the works and protect against unauthorized use resulting into additional charges for a costly repair. It will also enable more correct planning and distribution of capacities and facilitate the accounting section’s operation to a significant extent.